RSF in Mentawai


Fox charging Island chief Magic barrel ahead Awesome Asu Big’n at Road Rules Rights Robbo racing at Lances Lefts Tropical perfection Home away from home – Mangalui Ndulu Jungle backside barrel Mentawai magic waves & scenery [...]

A Good Day Off


Local A-Frame Australia Day - yummo Shelly Beach Morning glory at Shelly Guess Mentawai sunset Mid-bar Crowded not! Morning glorious Picture perfect Classic Shelly The drop Brilliant Sunrise [...]

RSF in Maldives


Lennox Member on a good one Shelly member charging at Kandooma Cruisy Relaxing after the magic sessions Beachfront rooms Some you make …. some you don’t Topical bliss Paradise Kandooma right One of the locals [...]

Wategos Chapter


Local RSF member Houlie dropping down A casual wave to the crowd Houlie down the line Lefts at Wategos. Pretty good. Wategos Beach Byron Bay Houlie looking down the line Great waves for all Wategos fun RSF members [...]

Southern Tasmania Chapter


Bruny Island – Cloudy Bay Bruny Island – Middle Bay Inside Mays Pt Tasmania Lauderdale Pt Tasmania Orford River on a rare day Outside Mays Point Tasmania Member Ian Smith at Roaring Beach Roaring Beach – Nubeena, Port Arthur area [...]